All Smiles and Engagement for First Day of School

The first day of school can be a day of anxiety and tears, but that wasn’t the case at Innova Early Years Center. Children had visited on many occasions before for our Experience Sessions or Play Zones and so for most they couldn’t wait to meet up with teachers again and get back into the many exciting learning activities on offer.

Each child was greeted with warm welcomes from their teachers ensuring a smooth transition into the classroom.  This is an important step in establishing quality relationships upon which trust is built and students feel safe and feel like they belong. Students were supported to begin developing relationships with other children in their new community of learners so that their learning can flourish as they work and learn together in many different social contexts.

Throughout the morning students were encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings and joint responsibility for cleaning up the classroom.

The students could be seen throughout the morning interacting with their environment, which we value as their third teacher.  The children were exploring their new environment and all that it offers; creating, discovering, communicating, interacting with others, being involved in collaborative thinking and solving problems.