1 Are there any requirements that a child needs to enter your school? No. However, for children who are 3 years old and above, they will have to be out of diapers and toilet trained.
2 Where is your school? Zhaoling Campus
Address: Floow1, Building B, Zhaolin Plaza Yizhuang, Beijing Economic -Technological Development AreaFanhai Campus
Address: Shifoyingdongli 133-4, Chaoyang BeijingFanhai Campus
Address: Shifoyingdongli 133-4, Chaoyang Beijing
3 What are the School Fees? Zhaolin Campus
Tuition Fee: 155,000RMB per year, Meal Fee: 12,000 per yearFanhai Campus
Tuition Fee: 188,000RMB per year, Meal Fee?Includes 2 meals, 2 snacks (dinner extra)
Full details of fees and payment procedures are available at http://ey.innovaedu.cn/
4 Who are the teachers? Our teachers include foreign and Chinese teachers.
All of our teachers are qualified and certified as teachers
Our teachers as well as our leadership have worked in many countries around the world.
5 How many teachers (English and
Chinese) in one class?
Every class has a Foreign teacher, Chinese Teacher, 2 Nannies.
6 How many students in a class? 20 students.
7 How much teaching in English and how much Chinese language in class? We use a blended language approach because we have both a foreign teacher and Chinese teacher for each class, and so they immerse the students in an environment where they communicate in both English and Chinese.
NB: there is no prescribed percentage for the amount of time in English or Chinese.
8 When do you start and end the school day? The school day starts at 8.30 am and finishes at 4.00 pm.
Children may choose to arrive early and join for breakfast at 8.00 am An After School Activities program is available for children who are 4-5 years old.
9 When do you start and end the school year? Both campuses operate on the same calendar.First day of the school year is Monday 2September 2019The last day of school is Friday 26 June 2020.

Vacation Programs are available at an additional charge during the Summer holidays.
The calendar is published on the website: http://ey.innovaedu.cn/

10 Is there bus transport and which routes? Bus transport is available for students (refer to the Fee Sheet for cost).
Routes and pick up points will be determined according to need and published closer to the start of the school year.
Each bus has a chaperone to supervise children and ensure their safety.
11 How do you deal with the days that have high AQI? The Innova Early Years Centre has a centralized international standard air purification system to ensure a high standard of air quality is provided inside the kindergarten. The air quality inside and outside is monitored on an ongoing basis. During periods when air quality reaches unsafe levels, children are not permitted to play outdoors or go on field trips.
12 Do you accept international students? Yes. Innova Early Years Centre provides an international environment and is well suited for children from all countries.
13 Is there a school that my child can go to after the Early Years Centre? Yes. Innova Early Years Center is a division of Innova Academy. It is planned to open in August 2020. For students completing study at Innova Early Years Centre enrollment is automatically offered placement in Grade 1 at Innova Academy.
14 Will the new Fanhai Campus building be safe from any renovation smells and toxicity? The Innova Early Years Center is being established within an existing building. The renovation of the facility is being carefully managed by our Facilities Director. This includes allowing for ‘airing out’ period after renovation is completed and the kindergarten commences operation. Great care has being taken in the ordering of furniture and the selection of decoration materials together with very close project management oversight.The environment will be measured to ensure that the environment meets the highest standard before being used.