How is the Environment the 3rd Teacher?

We know the environment has an impact on welfare, on growth, on our sense of belonging and our well-being in our daily lives.  If it is important for life it must also have an impact on how we learn

This idea of the environment impacting our well being shows how and why it can influence learning.  How educators set up a space, use a space, develop a space and empower learners to use a space can influence the learning that can occur.

These are key factors to consider when designing the environment as the 3rd teacher

  • A good design reflects these factors:
  • child friendly (physically and emotionally)儿童友好(情感上与身体上)
  • beautiful and inspiring 美观,有启发性
  • comfortable 舒适
  • includes the emotional environment考虑情感(心理)环境
  • offers safety and a sense of belonging给予孩子安全感,归属感

Think about ensuring you include these spaces: 分小组设计课室环境,您的设计需要包含一下区域

  • Book/reading space 阅读区
  • Creating space创造区
  • Building space建构区
  • Role play space角色扮演区
  • Group space 全体活动区
  • Quiet space 安静区
  • Sensory play 感官区
  • Art space 艺术活动区

Think about how these spaces CONNECT?


Once you have thought about how you can create an environment that is the 3rd teacher you want it to be, think about who to reflect upon it.

Does it support the curriculum?

Does it allow children to feel safe?

Questions from the children

Can I see it, touch it, feel it and smell it
Can I follow my interests?

There is a great deal to think about when re-developing your learning spaces and we have shared a small sample of that here. But we encourage you to read more. Here are some links:

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These are in Chinese

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