Class Arrangements

The INNOVA Early Years Center is designed to be a small family style environment which provides a warm, caring and supportive environment for all children.

There are between 8 to 12 classes at each center. Each class has a maximum class size of 20 children. Each class has a high number of supervising adults to care for children’s learning and needs.

Classes are arranged in age groupings as follows:

  • 2 years old
  • 3 years old
  • 4 year old
  • 5 year old

Staffing per class varies according to the age level as follows

Chinese Teacher Foreign Teacher Nanny
2-3 year old 1 1 2
3-4 year old 1 1 2
4-5 year old 1 1 2
5-6 year old 1 1 1

The School Day

  • 7.40 – 8.00 Breakfast (Optional)
  • 8.00 – 4.00 Normal School Day
  • 4.00 – 5.00 After School Activities Program – optionalfor 3-5 year olds only

A mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack is provided each day as part of the standard lunch program.
REST TIME: After lunch each day all students have a rest time. For younger children an opportunity is provided to have a short sleep.

Each day children have scheduled time for outdoor play, except when air quality is not suitable. Air Quality is constantly monitored inside and outside of the building. An air purification system ensures a high quality of air inside the building.

After School Activity

After school activities are offered on a term basis and only for 3-5 year olds. Activities are provided by both Innova Early Years staff and by outside providers. The programme is carefully developed based on interests and suitability and the program is posted to the website. Parents sign up and pay for After School Clubs on a term by term basis.

After School Club Activity Programme

School Dress

There is an Innova Early Years Center uniform. This is only required to be worn on days when students will participate on a school field trip. At other times the uniform is optional and children may wear their own choice of personal clothing.

Clothing should be chosen to be comfortable for both indoor and outdoor activities. We believe that the clothing that children wear at school can often influence the quality of their experiences, affecting their health, safety, comfort, play and learning.

Throughout the day, your child will be working with messy materials, so the clothing must also be able to withstand a little wear and tear.

Children need clothes that allow them to be independent. Pants that are easy to pull down and up, shoes that are quick and easy to put on and take off by themselves. To manage their own clothing, students should be able to (button and unbutton and fasten with a zipper).


Understanding how our health is important to our learning journey is part of the Well-being Key Learning Area and we seek parents support for nutrition at home and at IEYC.

Meals and snacks are prepared each day by our Innova Food Coordinator at a central kitchen. Emphasis is placed on using fresh, wholesome ingredients, providing a varied and nutritionally balanced menu and maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Menus and meal portions are carefully developed and advised to parents on a regular basis and are posted to the website. Parents sign up and pay for meal options on a term basis.

Meal Options

  • Breakfast (Optional)
  • Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner (Optional)

In addition to being tasty, healthy and hygienically handled, our Food Coordinator also believes that presentation of food is important. While being nutritious and tasty, the meals and snacks that are prepared and presented to your child each day also look appealing. We believe that meals and snacks presented in an attractive manner encourage children to try foods that they may otherwise refuse. Children eat in class groups and are carefully supervised by their teachers.

When children are away from school for an extended period and parents have provided at least 24 hours notice, credit for paid meals can be noted and will be credited to the next meal period or refunded.

Although there is no need for parents to supply food or snacks for their child during the school day, there may be special circumstances in which parents will provide food for their child. Parents of children with special dietary or physical needs will be asked to discuss their situation with the IEYC to determine how we can work together to meet the individual needs of their child.

At Innova, we also have a commitment to assist families to develop healthy food attitudes and habits. While at school, opportunities are taken to teach and reinforce healthy eating, sustainability and socialization.
We understand that Parents like to celebrate birthdays for their child. For the safety of all children at the IEYC and before planning to bring any food into the IEYC for your child’s birthday, please speak to the teacher in the first instance. (See Birthdays section)


A limited bus service will be provided for families living nearby. Additional bus services can be added when there is sufficient demand. Buses are equipped with seat belts and are supervised by a Bus Monitor who is a staff member of Innova Early Years Center, and is able to provide the appropriate supervision when travelling on the bus.

For details on bus routes, stops and fees, please contact the Admissions Office.