Teaching staff assess students by selecting or designing methods of assessment appropriate to the learning outcomes they intend to capture. Teaching staff also take into account the diverse, complicated and sophisticated ways that individual students use to develop and demonstrate their understanding.

Continuous assessment provides insights into student’s understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is also a means of exploring the learning styles and individual differences of the students in order to differentiate instruction. Feedback from assessment allows for the improvement of the overall program.

Students demonstrate their understanding of how and what they have learned in a variety of ways and teachers collect and record evidence of each child’s learning and development.


Reporting on student progress takes place continually as part of the teaching and learning process. In addition to providing regular valuable feedback to students, a schedule of regular conferences and reports as outlined below, ensures that parent/s remain informed about student progress and achievement. Teaching staff also contact parent/s by email or phone to report on student achievement.

In addition to individual meetings requested by parent/s and teachers, formal scheduled reporting times are held during the year.

• Term 1 – Settling In Conference
• Term 2 – Parent Teacher Conference
• Term 3 – Student Led Conference (Mini X) • Term 4 – Written Report

The Innova Early Years Centers provide each family with access to our Seesaw platform, where class and individual learning highlights are shared by teachers and students. Through photos, videos, and samples of student’s work, parent/s are able to view and keep up with the learning that is taking place each week. This helps parent/s know about current classroom activities and share in their child’s learning. Comments from Classroom Teachers help parent/s understand the significance of their child’s learning and progress.