We recognize the importance of effective communication between school and the home. The Principal and teachers regularly send home information about the programme, news and events, and information on special topics via newsletters distributed via the school’s community platform ‘Seesaw’. This information is also posted on the ‘News’ section of the INNOVA Early Years Center website.

Information about individual student learning and achievements is also shared through ‘Seesaw’.

We encourage families to get to know their child’s teacher and communicate with them regularly.

We do not encourage discussion forums that relate to individual students or teachers. If there is an issue or a problem, then we ask you to speak with the appropriate person/s in the first instance.

We will work closely with parents, and use a positive conflict resolution procedure to address any questions, suggestions or concerns.


Parents are required to advise the class teacher of any absence from school on the morning of the absence providing the reason for the absence.

Routines are important for children and we encourage children to attend school every day and arrive on time. This is part of our expectation of parents and our partnership relationship that they support us in this expectation.
If there is a special occasion where your child is to be absent for any reason other than illness, please advise the class teacher at least one day before.

Please advise your class teacher if your child needs to arrive late or leave early due to doctors’ and dentists´ appointments.

If possible, we ask that you support your child’s learning by making sure they attend the IEYC every day.