Health and Safety

Pick up and Drop off

Safety of all of our children is a priority. In the morning children should be taken to their classes and in the afternoon should be picked up from their classroom or other designated area.

When you register your child at Innova Early Years Center you will be asked to record the names and relationships of family members including Nannies and Drivers, who will be a part of our community. Only those names you provide to us will be allowed to collect your child or enter the Early Years Centre to drop off your child. This includes all Early Years Centre events and activities. It is your responsibility to keep us informed if these names change, or phone numbers change. Please help us keep our children safe.

All these measures are for your child’s own safety and we ask for your co-operation and understanding.

Health, Hygiene & Air Quality

At the INNOVA Early Years Centre, a qualified nurse is on duty at all times in the Health Centre during school hours. They will help to monitor childrens’ health and physical condition and attend to any sickness or accidents during the day.


Our educators at Innova take a proactive approach to safety so that each child can feel safe and free to explore their environment. At all times educators who hold First Aid qualifications are present. Should an accident or sudden illness occur, the IEYC will immediately apply First Aid and you will be contacted to collect your child or in emergency situations advised of the plan of action regarding further medical treatment. If, in an emergency, you or your authorized person cannot be contacted the Nurse will provide the ambulance attendants with information regarding your child and an Innova team member known to your child will accompany your child to the hospital and stay until you arrive. Full documentation of the incident will be made.

Illness Control

Hand Washing

The Early Years Center promotes good hygiene practices including hand washing and sanitizing.

Fever-Free Policy

Innova Early Years Center also maintains a ‘Fever Free’ policy and believes that children who are sick and have fever should not attend school as illnesses in young children spread very readily. The nurse monitors students temperature each morning. Students who come to the Early Years Centre with a fever will be taken to the Clinic and parents will be contacted to come to collect their child and take them home.

Cold or Flu Symptoms

Students with symptoms of a cold or flu, who are suffering from a childhood contagious diseases such as measles or chickenpox or who have contracted headlice should be kept at home for the required period.


Should a child need to take any medication at school, prior to admission to classes, the parent must meet with the Nurse and provide written information and permission for the Nurse to administer the medication. Medicines should be in their original packaging when brought to the Early Years Centre and will be kept in safe storage during the day. Under no circumstances is any type of medication to be left in children’s bags. Please note that over-the-counter medication cannot be administered by any Innova staff, only the Nurse.

The Nurse will administer First Aid in the first instance and what is required to ensure the child’s health is maintained until they can get to a Doctor. The Nurse is authorised to administer prescribed medications but not more than what would be expected for First Aid procedures.


Parents should keep up the Nurse and the Center up to date with any changes to the child’s medical condition including food allergies.

Air Quality

The IEYC has a filtration system which controls air quality within our center. We monitor the air quality each day and will keep students indoors when the air quality reaches unacceptable levels. Our Multi-purpose room, piazzas and classroom spaces will be used when it is deemed that students need to stay indoors.

Emergency Procedures

In case of accidents or an emergency of any kind, we need an up-to-date telephone number and WeChat contact where you can be reached at any time your child is in our IEYC. We also ask that you provide us with the information of at least one emergency contact who we may call if we cannot reach you.

The Innova Early Years Center will practice what to do if an emergency occurs so that all students are familiar with procedures. Parents will be informed as to when the emergency practices will take place.