Parents as Partners

We value relationships and believe that parents, students and the IEYC need to be partners in a child’s learning journey. Throughout this handbook we have discussed our partnership with parents.

Parents are extremely important to our school life and to their child’s successful learning. At the beginning of the school year parents will meet their child’s teacher and learn how they can be partners in their child’s education.
Parents will be invited to parent workshops to learn more about our Early Years educational programme, how to help your child become an effective learner and why we use certain teaching approaches. Parents will be provided information about the Units of Inquiry and we welcome parents’ contributions.

INNOVA Community Connections

Innova Academy believes in the value of community. Together we educate a child. Together we share knowledge and skills. Together we make connections to support each other and learn and grow as a community.

The Innova Academy Early Years Centre will develop programmes to meet the needs of our community. These programmes may include: Mommy and Me, Family movies, Parent Education, Baby Swim, Cooking with Mummy and Me, Mini Maker and Me, Story Theatre, Young Innovators, Yoga and Me.

This sense of community will extend to our connections to the broader community and developing a sense of care and community spirit. We look forward to building learning communities to support – Rest Homes, Orphanages, Animal Shelters. This authentically involves our students, teachers and communities in helping to make a difference in the lives of others.