Special Programmes & Activities

Learning Needs

Children learn in different ways and at different rates and each child is unique. Children, at different times, may need further support with their learning goals, or extension to support the learning objectives of the curriculum. This is described as Learning Needs.

The Innova Early Years is an inclusive learning environment which strives to meet the needs of all students. Students with mild to moderate learning needs are supported in the learning environment by all teachers. Teachers will communicate with parents in a timely manner if learning needs are identified and discuss how the learning needs can be met.

There may be situations where a child may present with learning needs that are classified as ‘extreme’ and these needs cannot be supported by the INNOVA Early Years Center. In these cases referrals to professional services will be made in consultation with parents to ensure children can obtain the appropriate support needed.


The Library is an integral part of the Early Years learning environment with books in Chinese and English located throughout the Piazzas to promote interest in books and reading. The Library hosts regular story telling events and parents are encouraged to share books with their child when they are visiting the Early Years Center. All children are provided the opportunity to borrow books to take home each week. We encourage parents to share books with their children at home and to make reading a regular habit.


Assemblies are held on a regular basis as an opportunity to develop a sense of community, to celebrate learning and share learning. Parents may be invited to these assemblies from time to time.

Special Events

Special Events and Celebrations are held from time to time. These provide a unique opportunity to share experiences with families.

The INNOVA Early Years Centre calendar will be published and available to all parents. Events will be published in the calendar and information and invitations will be sent to parents leading up to the events.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

We have discussed the learning environment and how it comprises areas within and outside the classroom. We discussed the playground and Bon Park. In addition, planned field trips are a regular part of the program designed to show the connection between what they have learned about inside the classroom to the real world.

When the teachers write their Units of Inquiry, they will integrate field trips as part of the learning process. Therefore they will be planned well in advance and on the school calendar. Parents will be advised in advance of each field trip with details about location and purpose. Teachers follow a detailed process in planning field trips to ensure our safety standards for field trips are met.

From time to time, there could be a field trip opportunity that the teachers were not aware of at the time of planning their UoI, and would be a great support to the learning process. Therefore, the teachers will make every effort to ensure that communications will be conducted in a timely manner.

Field trip costs are included in the INNOVA Early Years fees.

Technology and Learning at IEYC

Technology is an integral part of the lives of all people, young and old.

Technology provides many significant opportunities to enhance learning and that proficiency with technology, as a natural way of learning, is important for all children. However we also recognize that children should develop balance in the use of technology, especially consumption of entertainment content and manage the total amount of ‘screen time’.
The IEYC will use technology within their teaching to support language development, investigation, open ended problem solving and communication. The core emphasis in the use of technology is ‘making’ rather than ‘consuming’, except for digital reading, story telling and finding out about the world.

Teachers will digitally share evidence of student’s learning with parents on a regular basis and maintain a digital portfolio of students work as a record of their learning journey.

Sustainable Practices

At IEYC, we will be responsible global citizens and we will all work together to learn about and promote sustainable use of resources and to develop and implement sustainable actions. It is our responsibility, as adults, to ensure that we protect the environment for our children’s future. We will therefore support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and promote various initiatives within the IEYC. These may include practices such reducing waste, energy, water and materials.

If you are thinking a year ahead, plant a seed. If you are thinking a decade ahead, plant a tree. If you are thinking a century ahead, educate the people.
(Chinese proverb)

Personal Items and Toys

On occasions your child’s teacher may request that small items are brought in from home to support our Units of Inquiry. However, we ask families to be mindful that toys and items of value are kept at home as we cannot be responsible for loss or damage.


Please contact your child’s classroom teacher if you wish to bring in food to be shared for your child’s birthday. Some children are highly allergic to nuts so please do not include items containing nuts or nut products.

We value learning at our center and do not participate in ‘parties’ at school for birthdays as this is considered an out of school activity to be enjoyed by families and friends. If you wish to invite children to a birthday party event, unless inviting all members of the class, please mail or email invitations privately, as distribution in class could be very distressing to uninvited children.