Innova Mini X – A Speciality for Children’s Day

“I have experienced numerous exhibitions of learning .
This is the best one I’ve ever had! ”
–Ms. Casey, Head of IEYC

“A wonderful day,
We felt that children’s creativity is so amazing.
Every piece of work is very beautiful.
Just as if walking into an art gallery.”
— Michelle’s Mother


Last Friday, to celebrate International Children’s Day, IEYC held a series of events including Mini X, an exhibition and celebration of student learning. Children led their parents through the displays by individual and groups of students together with a fabulous exhibition of student art centered on the topic of ‘How we express ourselves’

Children’s One Hundred languages

Regardless of whether it was writing,marking and drawing, or dancing with light; whether it was a STEAM product or creative structures; whether it was a beautiful student crafted dress or cool robot creating ……every work was different, special and unique. Students followed their passion to decide by themselves what to make and how to complete it. It was a great example of the Reggio Emelia philosophy that hundred children have one hundred languages. These amazing works are expressions of these special languages.

Not an Exhibition of completed art works

The purpose of this exhibition was more than to show children’s creation and present their children’s learning process. If you look at each piece in detail, you would find that next to each child’s work, a carefully recorded documentation of the process of each child’s creation. This included the inspiration, planning, process and thinking behind each work. As such the greatest significance of the exhibition lied in the presentation of the child’s creative process. By observing the children’s learning process, parents could quickly make up and review the process of the student’s learning.

And the learning experiences have offered the children the opportunity to experience and develop the 2020 future skills, such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision making, negotiation and so on. These skills will benefit the students lifelong.

Positive feedback from parents

In order to guarantee the viewing quality and effect, children and parents visited the exhibition in small groups to ensure a quiet and relaxed environment,  where families could better appreciate children’s works and interact with their children. When the children led their parents to the works, many parents first laughed and many were brought to tears of joy. Several words continued to echo in the exhibition hall, such as “too shocked”, “wonderful”, “too touched”… Suddenly, we felt that in the face of so many beautiful things, all the beautiful words are pale and weak.

After the exhibition, children presented a set of personalized postcards capturing images from their child’s exhibition. In addition each family was asked to give feedbacks on one postcard. All the feedbacks we received are affirmative and full of praise. Here are 2 typical messages.

Mia’s Mum: ‘Thanks to all the teachers, we have a wonderful day. We loved the art works and enjoyed all the activities we were involved in today.’

Anna’s Mum: ‘I love love, love, love this show. This is the highlight of the long learning journey that I wasn’t fully aware as a parent. Without the supporting learning space and the experienced and hard-working teachers, the students won’t come to this presentation. This is the most “fit” education that I would choose for my children. And this is the type of future education that I trust and believe in. BIG THANKS!’

Heroes Behind: Teachers and Innova Environment

After marveling at the children’s work, we couldn’t help thinking besides the children themselves, what else and who else have made great contributions. Right, the IEYC learning environment and all the IEYC teachers. They are the big heroes behind the success.

We often say “environment is the third teacher of children”. The reason why the IEYC children have infinite “creativity” lies in the supporting and stimulating environment. In IEYC, we try our best to provide as many provocations as we can to inspire student’s curiosity and creativity. Here, the children’s ideas are respected, encouraged and helped to achieve.

The IEYC-MINI X is organized and worked together by teachers and students. Teachers are co-constructors, guiding the student’s learning through nurturing their curiosity, providing a hypothesis for them and solving problems together; Teachers are researchers, through an active reciprocal exchange, strengthen learning by teaching; Teachers are documenters of learning through listening to students, recording their activities, interpreting and displaying their work, and revising and applying all that have learned together. Without the hard-work of all the teachers, there would not be this show. Here, we are particularly grateful to all the teachers and staff who have worked very hard for this exhibition.

The End

This exhibition will be kept until the end of this school year, so we welcome all the parents to visit with friends and relatives at any time.

“Peaches and plums do not have to talk, yet the world beats a path to them”, whether an education is good or not, student’s performance and works are the best proof. Thanks to the trust and support of our parents, we will continue to work hard in the future, to provide excite each child’s growth and development.