Exciting Playground Design Set to Excite Childrens Imagination

The playground designed for the new Innova Early Years Center Fanhai Campus opening in March 2019, is set to capture the hearts and imagination of children and parents alike and is sure tobecome a favorite for everyone throughout the school day and after school!

It incorporates ‘Nature Play’ philosophy and is designed to provide a natural and creative environment that allows children to interact with and explore the natural environment with endless possibilities for creative and collaborative play, inquiry and learning about the natural world. Set in a beautifully landscaped environment with mature trees and shade sails it also incorporates Chinese traditional cultural aspects including a ‘pavillion’ on a hill that is densly planted with shrubs and flowers for children to explore along winding pathways as they make their walk to the top of the hill and then down again ona slide!

Other features include a small ‘fishing boat’, a tunnel and a number of small hills incorporating climbing frames and nets. A vegetable garden will allow children to experience the cycle of planting and growing through the seasons and develop an understanding of the importance of food and soil.The spacious library on the first floor looks out onto a traditional Chinese garden space ideal for outdoor reading and quiet play.

Fanhai Campus, Chaoyang

Shifoyingdongli 133-4,Chaoyang,Beijing