Exciting Playground Design Set to Excite Childrens Imagination

Research that demonstrates that outdoor play is an important part of each child’s health and wellbeing, not just for physical development, outdoor play can also promote skills in problem solving, creativity, concentration and communication. It also indicates that children engage more actively and freely within natural environments and with loose play equipment. Traditionally school playgrounds feature fixed ad standardized play spaces.

Innova Early Years Center’s new Fanhai campus took what was previously a car park and reshaped it with advanced trees, mounded grassy ‘hills’, sandpits, flower and vegetable gardens and pathways – to bring children closer to nature and natural materials. Fences have been designed as vertical learning spaces including STEAM interactive walls, writing and drawing walls, music gardens and outdoor art galleries. The playground is designed so that spaces can be constantly reinvented by the children themselves and ‘loose bits’, pipes, hosing, pots of dirt, plants, fabric, boxes and paints are laid out throughout to encourage children to ‘investigate and make’.

Fanhai Campus, Chaoyang

Shifoyingdongli 133-4,Chaoyang,Beijing