Parents as Partners – The Importance of Communication

At Innova Early Years Center we value the importance of connection. Through this collaboration between home and school we believe in each child’s success in learning and growing socially and emotionally. Home-school collaboration and communication is the key to supporting our families and plays a crucial role in understanding and supporting each child’s learning.

We learn by making connections between what we already know and what we are exploring. There is no-one more capable to help young learners make these connections than the significant others in their life: their parents and teachers. At Innova Early Years Center we see parents and teachers as partners in their child’s learning by communicating with each other to share observations, strategies and questions.

At Innova Early Years Center, we foster this home-school connection by recognizing the importance of community. We encourage families to ask questions and to listen to their child share their learning. One way of doing this is through the ‘app’ called ‘Seesaw: The Learning Journal’.  This tool is an effective communication between school and the family. Teachers can share authentic learning moments that inform parents of their child’s learning.  What is being taught, how it is being taught and it allows parents to see what learning looks like.