What Should Personalized Learning look like? 


Education all over the world continues to grow and evolve to best suit student learning but we must also ensure we are supporting students to be prepared for the future, to contribute to society and to be true problem solvers and innovators. As we collectively work to best prepare students, schools must spend time observing and learning lessons from around the world in designing curricula and programmes and in re-structuring and re-imagining how students best learn in different environments.


Today, schools all over the world are taking up the challenge and are, in different ways, preparing students with future-ready skills to succeed in a high tech, collaborative work environment that will require thoughtful problem solvers and innovators. Such positive change is core to discussions within ORIGINS Education too, and we are active participants in conversations surrounding personalized learning and preparing students for the future.

As we work, we challenge ourselves to think about how we as educators can support our students in becoming autonomous and self directed, in becoming true innovators and problem solvers and how we can ensure they contribute to developing and improving an ever changing world.


Be sure to follow ORIGINS as we work as part of this global leading edge to re-imagine schools and to support personalized learning and follow the links below (English) to learn more about some of the work being done in this worldwide movement:



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