Who we are

by stevefang

Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible.

No one can do more.

Guiding Statements

The IEYC Guiding Statements are the foundation of our beliefs and guide our work with each student.


“To develop responsible learners for the future.”

Each student is at the center of our consideration in everything that we do. We view each child holistically as a learner and a person. An INNOVA education focuses on the learner and you can see in Figure 1, the student is at the center of everything we do.


“To inspire students to Wonder, challenge students to Explore, support students to Create and empower students to Connect.”

The Mission represents what we do and is ultimately our goal for your child’s education.

The Guiding Statements include the values that guide what we think, say and do when we are working with you and your child.

Figure 1

Surrounding this graphic are the 6 pillars that are our organizational DNA and also reflect the aspiration of qualities of the ideal INNOVA student when they have completed their education.

Vision – Leadership – Programmes – Action – Community – Environment

Through the educational programmes offered, the INNOVA student will be able to demonstrate vision and leadership, be an active member of and care for their community and the environment, and be empowered to take action.

In addition, in an increasingly global society, we believe in the importance of students being able to speak more than one language and our program is delivered through a dual language model developing proficiency in Chinese and English.