Parents as partners

by stevefang

We value relationships and believe that parents, students and the teaching staff should be partners in a child’s learning journey.

Parents are extremely important to school life and to their child’s successful learning. At the beginning of the school year, parents will meet their child’s teachers and learn how they can be partners in their education.

Teaching staff will periodically provide overviews of your child’s current learning programme, including the progress your child is making.

Parents will be invited to Guest Speaker events and to Parent Workshops to learn more about our educational programme, how to help their child become an effective learner and why we use certain teaching approaches.

Parent Involvement

There are many ways that parents can be involved in the life of the school. Parental involvement can occur through a variety of avenues including:

• Assistance on field trips
• Classroom involvement e.g. reading, cooking, art activities, storytelling

• Assisting in the library
• Assisting with school or classroom events
• Parent Information Sessions
• Parent Workshops and Seminars
• Parent Coffee Mornings
• Class Parents

Parent/s are also encouraged to support and participate in cultural, sporting and special whole school events and programmes. School ‘fun days’ are planned yearly and can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Parents should contact teaching staff directly, if they are interested in helping in the classroom.

Class Parent Association

A formal partnership between school and parents helps with general communication and an understanding about what is happening in the school. Each year one or two representatives from each class are nominated as Class Parents for the year.

The Class Parent role is two-fold:

• As a consultative body that is invited for discussion about changes to be made or new initiatives to be implemented, based on the vision and mission of the school;
• To support the teaching staff in the event of a field trip, special class or grade occasion or a school project.

We appreciate the valuable perspectives and support that parents can contribute to our Early Years Centers.